Original Equipment Manufacturers

OEM / other parts and service suppliers.
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Original Equipment Manufacturers

Post by admin » Mon Feb 02, 2009 5:56 pm

For Fairline spares, I always advise owners to contact Bates Wharf in the first instance as they can access the factory build sheets and supply the correct parts for you.

Note that Fairline do not supply directly to owners, all enquiries must be via Bates or your local dealer.

Please find below a list of OEM suppliers that Fairline have or currently use. When contacting suppliers please mention 'Fairline Owners Club'.

Decals / Stripes

Boat Names - http://www.boat-names.co.uk - Ask for Malcolm Clarke


Flexicovers - http://www.flexicovers.co.uk

Upholstery (Interior and Exterior)

Tockfield - http://www.foam.co.uk - Ask for Selwyn Cheadle

M J Marine Trimmers Ltd, Hockley, Essex
Contact Martin Duce - 01702 200500 - http://www.mjmarinetrimmers.co.uk/

Glazing, Doors, Windows, Windscreens, Sunroofs, Hatches, Ports, Cleats

Trend Marine - http://www.trendmarine.com
Contact: Leia Amos

Fendering (rubber strips)

Trend Marine (see above).

Also worth a try for older boats are Seals Direct - http://www.sealsdirect.co.uk/ and
Wilkes - https://www.wilks.co.uk/marine.html

Electrical Panels

Axon Control
Unit 5, Blackburn Ind Estate
Enterprise Way
Sherburn in Elmet
LS25 6NF

Telephone: 01977 681781
Contact: Barry Vipond

Axon also distribute Carling switches (the dashboard ones are the "Contura" series).


Interior lights (older Fairlines) & Bathroom fans

EC Smith - http://www.ecs-marine-equipment.co.uk

Taps and Towel Rails

Hansgrohe axor "terrano" range taps (and towel rails, toothbrush holders, loo roll holders etc) are used in later Squadrons - http://www.hansgrohe.co.uk

Penguin Eng Ltd - http://www.penguineng.com (also do Transom Shower Heads)

Older Fairlines - IMI Opella

Transom Shower Mixer

Caradon MIRA

Internal lighting and Blinds


Door Furniture



Headland Carpets and Rugs of Irthlingborough - http://www.headlandcarpets.co.uk
Contact: Lee Miscali

Cockpit Carpets

Ed Engel 01780 783823 (he does the F'line colours). Also believed to do some interior carpets.

Internal Lights

Mostly Cantalupi. Suppliers are Timage, Aquafax and IMP

Late 90's early 00's were fitted with Cantalupi Dallas (saloon, etc) and Cantalupi Madrids. IMP (https://improducts.co.uk) have stocks of Madrids and can supply lights that look identical to Dallas.


Cooney Marine - http://www.cooneymarine.co.uk

Sliding Door Bearings

Jack Holt (mainsheet track runners)

Companionway Door Bearings

Trend Marine

Gas spring / strut for engine room hatch

British Gas Springs - Alrose Products Ltd - http://www.gas-springs.com

Teak decking / tables

Wattsons - http://www.wattsons.co.uk in Kettering


Mostly Besenzoni. UK supplier is http://www.timage.eu. Timage also do spare handropes, remotes, etc for the besenzoni passerelles

Internal light switches & Power outlets

Hedley and Ellis in Peterboro are also distributors of Gewiss Playbus, and they also sell that white notched trunking that FL use for wiring.

Cylinders and Expansion Tanks

Cleghorn - http://www.cleghorn.co.uk

Immersion Heater/Stat

Thermtec - http://www.thermtec.co.uk

Battery Chargers

Jenelec - http://www.jenelec.co.uk

Bow thrusters

Sidepower - http://www.sidepower.com


Energy Batteries - http://www.energy-batteries.com

Manual Bilge Pumps

Henderson MKIII (Now Whale Gusher)

Hob Units

Eno Marine - http://www.eno-marine.fr


Smev - spare.smev.com


Waeco - http://www.waeco.com/en

Immersion Pressure relief valves

Caleffi - http://www.caleffi.com


Ritchie Navigation - http://www.ritchienavigation.com

Speed/Temp Sensors and Depth Transducers

Airmar Technology - http://www.airmartechnology.com

Fuel and Water Tanks

The Tank Company, Nuffield Industrial Estate, Poole, BH17 0UJ
Tel: 01202 682830
E: sales@oval316.co.uk
W: http://www.oval316.co.uk

Many original drawings in stock.

Fabricated and Machined Metalwork

Barrs Court Engineering Ltd - http://www.barrscourt.com/

Polished stainless steel handrails, ladders, cleats and other deck fittings, as well as shower, kitchen & interior fittings, and frames, supports, brackets and adaptors.

01432 353450

Barrs Court Engineering Ltd
Netherwood Road
Rotherwas Industrial Estate

Aquafabs - http://www.aquafabs.co.uk (website appears to be defunct)

01858 513 011

Elkington Road

Hatches / Ports / Windows


Miscellaneous Parts

Coastal Rides have and will purchase surplus stock from Fairline and are always contacting for difficult to find parts - https://www.coastalrides.co.uk.


Please feel free to add to the list!

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Re: Original Equipment Manufacturers

Post by jfm » Thu Feb 18, 2016 9:07 pm

The flexi trunking for cabling is Hellermann Tyton and widely available on eBay uk - I use seller "petelox". Available in black and white. Cheaper than Hedley Ellis. I use HE for Gewiss light switches though

Another one: squadron and targa seats, the Recaros: these come from www.capitalseating.co.uk in Birmingham and they will cover them in your choice of fabric

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Re: Original Equipment Manufacturers

Post by Boatingdave » Mon May 16, 2016 3:12 pm

Brilliant list - very useful.

MJ Marine trimmers were apparently used on our boat via EBY (boats.co.uk). Unfortunately quality was poor and most of the seat studs have ripped out on the external upholstery as the material is very thin and the internal seats look about 10 years old (and are about 18 months old) as the leather is very creased. I'm just stating a fact as its possible it was being done to a price (we paid boats.co.uk directly) but nevertheless I would not have to expect it to only last a couple of years which is the way ours is heading - and we paid quite a lot of money for it. I have only just found out the supplier that EBY used so haven't yet contacted them - hopefully the response will be positive. I have some addition works to do to - I'm looking for trimmers in the Cardiff area if anyone knows of any?

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Re: Original Equipment Manufacturers

Post by beefeater » Tue Oct 24, 2017 3:23 am

just wondering who does the submersible lift platform? i have a 2014 Targa GT 48.

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Re: Original Equipment Manufacturers

Post by pmacs » Fri Apr 26, 2019 10:21 am

Great list thank you.
I’m looking for the barrel nuts in the circular shower frames on a 2006, 52’ Targa.
I’m also thinking of changing all the lights to LED any suggestions on quality fittings of suitable wattage.
Thank you

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Re: Original Equipment Manufacturers

Post by admin » Tue Apr 30, 2019 7:04 pm

Lots of people replace the old G4 bulbs with good quality LED ones. Is your boat 12v or 24v?

Cantalupi were the original manufacturer. Worth speaking to https://www.improducts.co.uk/ regarding replacements. If you do replace the old ones, please don't chuck them away, I'll have some as spares!

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Re: Original Equipment Manufacturers

Post by Groova » Wed May 01, 2019 10:51 am

The Tank Company looks like it went bust in 2010. Are they trading under a different name now?

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