Hi - Prospective Sprint Owner - Got questions!

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Chris 13
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Hi - Prospective Sprint Owner - Got questions!

Post by Chris 13 » Tue Oct 10, 2017 5:20 pm


After a few fantastic experiences on hired boats I'm in the process of looking for a one of my own. Front runner at the moment is a 1989 Sprint. It has a GM 5.3L 203HP V8 petrol engine.

Thing is - the layout and interior spec is perfect for what we want (and we haven't seen another which does really) but I'm unsure that it's not a little over the top for what I need.

I plan to use it on biggish (sometimes tidal) rivers and only occasionally venture out into a major estuary. . I'm anxious to suss out what the petrol consumption (and therefore running costs) are likely to be. I can do the calculation but I'm unsure what HP to work on if I'm only doing 6-8mph. Also it seems a bit of a shame to own such a beast and not to make the most of the available power - so I wonder just how suited to the prospective use it would be?

We are demoing it this coming weekend after which I may commission a survey if we decide to go for it. But I suppose the alternative would be to keep looking - possibly for something a little less powerful or diesel equipped.

Anyway - I'd really really appreciate any thoughts /guidance etc on this from those with more experience.

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