Fairline Phantom 48 2010 help please.

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Fairline Phantom 48 2010 help please.

Post by Alanwiles » Wed Jun 06, 2018 10:53 am

Hello All

I have just brought my first boat located in Italy. Everything is going well, except the understanding of grey/black water waist.

i have a gauge that shows as full on the helm, and the shower waist is now leaving the boat above the water line, the last owner has no idea and the broker has no idea.

Would any owner of the Phantom 48 be willing to help with advice ?

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Re: Fairline Phantom 48 2010 help please.

Post by admin » Thu Jun 07, 2018 5:58 pm


I'm afraid that I don't have any personal knowledge of the Phantom 46 or indeed how your grey / black water tank might be plumbed in. However, I wonder if you have a black water tank only (for toilets) and therefore grey water (e.g. shower) is pumped over board? If this is the case then the shower will drain into a sump box (like a tupperware approx 12" square) from where it is pumped overboard.

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Re: Fairline Phantom 48 2010 help please.

Post by FLN » Fri Jun 08, 2018 1:01 pm

Hi Alan,
The Phantom 48 has a black water system that is standard connected only on the toilets.
Alltough there is a possebility to change one of the cabins I thought the guest cabin toilet directly overboard by turning the three way valve from "whale "on overboard. It is situated somewhere under one of the floorhatches near the bathroom.
You can emptying the blackwater tank by either emptying it by vacuum on deck in a marina or do it yourself by pumping it overboard with pump which is installed for that. The button to activate this pump is mounted near the gauge of the tank. Take care that the valve from the pump, mounted in the bottom of the hull, is open when you start pumping!!!!!!!!!
About the greywatersystem I can be short. As long the floating switches are functioning and there is 12 volt on it , they are functioning.


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