Phantom 41 Tam61A better performance

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Phantom 41 Tam61A better performance

Post by symon » Tue May 29, 2018 7:59 pm

I have a phantom 41 ,with twin 61A diesel engines in good condition ,she has clean hull and clean props she will travel all day at 17 knots at 2300 revs and will make 20 knots on full throttle, question is can I better the performance of the engines /boat to say cruise at 20/22 knots

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Re: Phantom 41 Tam61A better performance

Post by FLN » Fri Jun 01, 2018 2:56 pm

Hi Simon,
As the TAMD61A delivers 228HP at 2500revs is that the power were you have to deal with.
Or you have to raise the power up by a Volvo Dealer or other mechanic to max 2800 revs then the engines are delivering 306 HP.
I don't know if that can be done just by screwing up the max RPM on the injectionpump or that you have to replace the hole pump.
The 61A is delivered as a MD type but can also be delivered as PD/LD type which is running at 2800 revs for 306HP.( Be carefull after you have raised the max RPM, if it is an older engine it might give damage in the engine when you start running at 2800 RPM for a long period, you have to build it up.)
That is actually the only way to raise the performance accept changing the engines for other more powerfull ones.
Look in the first place to its own weight and leave everything that you don't need at home.
Clean the underwater ship, check the props ( a little damage at tips of the props can already give a lot loose of performance)

Hope it helps,


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Re: Phantom 41 Tam61A better performance

Post by farsco » Fri Jun 01, 2018 6:05 pm

I’ve never heard of 61a’s being tuned down. They should max 2800 revs.

Mine would only get 2650 even when clean and light. If you’ve done all the normal stuff like air and fuel filters, cleaned hull and props etc.....have the injectors done. transformed mine. 2800 revs no sweat and dropped my revs from 2400 to 2100 for a 22 knot cruising speed. That’s was in a sedan 36 with a/c and generator. All up she wieghs 14 ton on the crane.

I also replace the standard air box for a big k&n filter. Defo improved pick up but injectors transformed things.

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