Loss of shore power reset

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Loss of shore power reset

Postby Mark Hammond » Sun Feb 04, 2018 10:22 am

Hi everyone,
I’ve recently bought a SQ42 2011 and I’ve noticed that if shore power is lost then there’s no auto reset when it comes back on. I have to manually reset it on the dash, which is obviously not ideal if boat left for any period of time. Other bertholders are telling me this is common with Fairlines. Is there a remedy for this? Appreciate your advice.
Mark Hammond
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Re: Loss of shore power reset

Postby FLN » Thu May 31, 2018 1:54 pm

Hi Mark,

First of all it is not common on Fairlines.
Only the SQ42 has that "Problem", At the time that the SQ 42 was built the were changes in the safety rules of pleasure crafts and that coursed the change in shore power connecting. In the case of this Sq42, it will course problems when the owner is leaving the boat and leaves all the electrical users on because he is thinking the shoreline is connected. If the shoreline is switched of external even for a split second the relais of the shoreline are switched of, after that all the "switched on users" will emptying the batteries untill there is not enough power left to switch on the relais for the shore power.
You can change that in the box where the relais are built in for the shorepower and or generator.
It is situated in the aft stoweaway at starboard side against the engineroom bulkhead.
If you open the shore/genbox you will see the relais. If you change the relais for similar types but the switching power ( connection A1 and A2) has to be 220 volts in stead of twelve volts which is provided by the batteries thru the switch on dashboard. If you connect a wire from the shorepower side 220 volts to the switching power connectors ( A1 and A2) of the new installed relais and leave the twelve volts leads isolated unused, the relais will switch on as soon there is power at the shoreline and connect the ship to the shoreline.
In case there is a generator installed you can even make it fully automatic switching from shore to generator.
In that that case send me a PB.
BTW if you changed the system the way I wrote the switch on the dash has no function anymore.

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