Targa 34 Fuel Consumption

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Targa 34 Fuel Consumption

Post by Paulo33 » Wed Dec 13, 2017 4:42 pm

Hi All,

New here and new to Fairlines. I am looking at trying to buy a Targa 34 with KAD44 EDCs fitted.

Could anyone shed some light on what I can epxect in fuel consumption.

I will deliver the boat from Spain to Greece and so will need to do short hops across the Med via Ibiza, Mallorca, Menorca, Sardinia, Sicilly, Italy, Corfu etc etc.

Does anyone know, from personal experience, what fuel I could expect to use at 10 knots, 12 knots, 20 knots, 24 knots and 30 knots? I would wait for extended calm weather windows and therfore hope to travel in calm to moderate weather, and fuel / water loading would be full at the start of each leg.

Problem is that a couple of the legs are quite long, particularly from Sardinia to Sicilly. So I'm trying to work out what speeds to run at in fairly calm weather to achieve the greatest range. For example maybe running slowly, displacing speed, at say 10 to 12 knots for the first half of the leg and then slowly increasing speed throughout the final half of the leg.

Any suggestions and figures that you have recorded from your own voyages woudl be very much appreciated.

Many thanks


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Re: Targa 34 Fuel Consumption

Post by Bluetooth » Sat Dec 16, 2017 4:28 pm

Not sure about KAD44 but when I had T34 with KAD42/43 I used to cruise at 2,600 revs doing about 23/4 knots and would burn about 50L/hr (£50) - that's for both engines. I estimated this gave me 8-10 hours of cruising for full tanks depending on how far into the red I dared go! I estimated that red part of gauge accounted for approx. 120L. During 5 years of ownership I found this was the best economy which I thought was excellent value.
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