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Fairline Mirage 29

Post by RonD » Mon Jul 31, 2017 12:51 pm

Hello, Any information available would be greatly appreciated.
I have just recently purchased in the UK a Fairline Mirage 29, year 1980 with Twin Volvo AQ120 Sterndrive Engines, Petrol. The Boat is very nice and runs reasonably well, but would like more information on the engines and elctrics etc, was hopeing for an owners manual as it didn't come with this. I have tried to find information on this on the internet, but have drawn a blank. Please has anyone got anything at all on this Boat, Thank you.

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Re: Fairline Mirage 29

Post by ms » Wed Aug 16, 2017 7:48 pm

Congratulations on your purchase. !980 that means a Mark 1 Mirage. As far as I am aware an original owners manual is about as rare as hens teeth. Your engine and transmission set up (with Volvo Penta outdrive) was branded Volvo Penta AQ120 (AQ=Aquamatic). I believe the same engine was used for the AQ145 horse power but this had twin carburettors.
Engine is based on a Volvo automotive engine (I dont remember which car used it - Volvo 200 series maybe)
this may be of some interest.
https://www.marinepartseurope.com/en/vo ... 42840.aspx
also here
https://www.manualslib.com/manual/36799 ... Aq100.html
If you search around on the internet you may find a source for a paper engine manual.
Keypart in Watford are a good source for spares as , of course, are Volvo Penta dealers.

On electrics I spent some hours with my Mirage working electrical things out.
Check everything works. Take a fuse out (cupboard left of the galley) . .see what doesn't work. make a note. Replace. Take out another fuse .. gradually you build up a picture of what works on which fuse. Almost all 30 year old boats will be a bit messed about with as each subsequent owner will have made their 'little' modifications.
Also, you may find fuel gauge works with one engine ignition, and say steering indicator with another. You don't say if you are an experienced boater... so if not...I recommend you renew fuel filters and also raw water impellers unless you are sure that this was done recently. Anode condition is important (anodes are on the outdrives .. 2 on each leg) so I would check these also.
Turn the gas off at supply bottle when you leave the boat. Turn off battery isolators when you leave the boat. Engines are typically serviced every year (oil and impeller change, oil and fuel and air filter change. Grease steering). There is an important grease point on the bell housing (behind the engine) - this lubes the important drive shaft bearing - might be a little brass screw off cup (fill with grease and replace several times), might be a grease nipple.
Outdrive typically serviced every 2 years (boat out of the water) - new oil, new anodes.
Magnesium anodes for fresh water, Zinc for seawater. Clean crud off outdrive and use correct antifoul - eg Trilux (NOT just ordinary hull antifoul).
Electrical outdrive lift is for inspection of leg/propeller. NEVER drive with the legs up or partly up (eg in shallow water) as this puts unbearable strain on the lift worm drive gearing.

I have spent years learning and understanding and had to resort to writing my own owners manual.
Wish you much pleasure with your Fairline Mirage.
My Mark 2 is here:

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