New boat - Fairine Targa 34

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New boat - Fairine Targa 34

Postby Dorset Dan » Sat May 20, 2017 7:54 pm

I have just agreed a purchase of a Targa 34, 2005 with KAD300's, subject to survey and sea trial. I have always wanted a Targa so am really looking forward to it.

A few things I need to replace to get it back to original condition - first thing will be new badges / hull stripe decals I have already checked with (based on previous posts on here) and these are available which is great.

But one thing it needs is the clear grey acrylic/perspex lid to the chart area above the helm (the current owner has removed it). Does anyone know where a replacement can be sourced together with the stainless steel hinges?

I have seen that Bateswharf have some parts for Fairlines but seems quite limited (although I may upgrade to one of the later steering wheels which look rather nice!). Do the new Fairline company have a stock of parts for older models?

I am sure that once I have had survey and then (fingers crossed) take ownership then I will be back on here with some further questions so any help much appreciated.

Finally, are there any Targa 34 oddities that should be double checked on survey / or are there any quirks to the Targa 34 that are worth me knowing?
Dorset Dan
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Re: New boat - Fairine Targa 34

Postby retroreadie » Sat May 20, 2017 10:45 pm

my advice would be to make sure everything works ive just bought a older targa 37 and didn't get a survey
but on the sea trial the previous owner ashord me every thing worked well 15k later I am still trying to fix things . have a decent survey done and a mechanic on bored with tools ie battery testers to make sure they are charging properly all instrument panels and plotters are working . even down to filling water tanks to check for leeks try out the shower toilet etc the list is endless my only saving grace was the price I paid was low so expected to improve things but hay ho live and learn good luck with your purchase
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Re: New boat - Fairine Targa 34

Postby crowther » Thu Nov 02, 2017 11:10 am

Hi Dan.

I've just purchased a Targa 34, like you i have a few things to replace and update, would be great if we could compare notes!?

I look forward to hearing frm you.

Kind Regards

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