Fuel Tank advice.

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Fuel Tank advice.

Postby moresparks » Mon Sep 24, 2012 2:47 pm

I have a Fairline Targa 27 circa 1989 and it’s reasonably new to me. However I have been getting starting problems on which I have traced to muck in the twin carbs. I have stripped and rebuilt the carbs with the kits and all was fine. Then after a few weeks it would happen again, same process of cleaning etc. and now there blocked again. I have already replaced fuel pump, fuel lines and regularly changed the filters. I have drawn off from the filter a few gallons and replaced and topped with fresh petrol.
When I first bought the boat I found a spray can of easy-start which suggests the previous owner had similar problems and there may be old stale contaminated fuel in the bottom of the tank.
My question is; how easy is it to clean the tank on the Fairline Targa 27 and has anybody undertaken this? Is there an access hatch or do I remove the sender? Bearing in mind this is petrol and mindful of the dangers.
Alternately should I just invest in updating the fuel filters as I just have the standard factory fitted CAV type and this looks like it’s not catching some of the junk? Or even try StarTron tank cleaner.
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Postby lynall » Tue Sep 25, 2012 4:48 pm

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Postby ms » Wed Oct 03, 2012 12:54 pm

Cleaning fuel tanks is really hard as they are fitted with baffles and even if you have inspection access you cant usually get behind the baffles to clean them. Petrol tanks on boats are inclined to develop some unpleasant 'waxy' deposit over the years unless the fuel is constantly being used and replaced.

My first thought would be to add some Racor turbine filters in the line in front of your existing filters . These are really easy to service, and you night try 10 micron filters so that very little muck gets through.

Clearly if you can access your tank then anything you can do in the way of 'hoovering' out some fuel (and maybe water) from the bottom and filtering it (use a Racor filter funnel) will help. If you could set up a rubber extraction hose on one of those pumps on an electric drill that would certainly filter a hell of a lot of fuel very quickly.
If you want to clean the tank then it would seem likely that it would have to be removed, opened up and steam cleaned.
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