Fairline Targa 27 cockpit upholstery renewal.

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Fairline Targa 27 cockpit upholstery renewal.

Postby moresparks » Sun Mar 11, 2018 2:57 pm

Hi - I have a 1989 Fairline Targa 27 and in the process of having the cockpit seating and side panels recovered and just thought I would share my findings for anyone contemplating the same. The vinyl was well worn and certainly needed renewing and the white looks grey when compared to samples.
Firstly the two side panels – these are fixed by hidden screws by slots in the thin plywood backing and a smear of sealant around the top edges. Getting these off normally results in damaging the ply as after 30 years or so the ply started to delaminate. I had to make new ply backing panels using the old ones as a template and 6mm ply
Next the rear seating back panel is also held on by hidden screws in slots but as the plywood backing is more substantial, damage to this was minimal and easily repaired. There is a thin plywood panel fitted underneath but that is held on by screws with plastic cup washers and lid.
Next are the two rear small panels, one by the rear seat the other by the transom door. These are GRP mouldings so need extra care in removing as these will not easily be replaced. These are also fitted using slotted hidden screws. I ended up cutting away small areas of vinyl and foam to unscrew the screws.
Lastly the double Helmsman seat, this was not easy. It comes off the plinth no problem as this was held in with self tappers on the brackets. There are two large L shaped brackets one on each end this has 12 screws each bracket. I made the mistake in assuming you need to remove these to remove the cushions. 6 of the inside screws are held in by countersunk bolts on hidden lock nuts. I painfully ground out the screw heads with a Dremel and pushed the bolts through. Only to find the cushions still stuck fast. Using a series of wedges and a torch you find the cushions held very firmly in place with Velcro at the top and large blobs of silicone sealant around 50mm in diameter spread on the backs of the cushions. I removed these using a variety of wedges, long screwdrivers and a thin long metal rod to cut away the blobs. Eventually the cushions were removed. The cushions are on ply backing and minor damage occurred because of the silicone and age of the ply. The base is also ply and damage to that occurs as well but looks easily repaired. The angle at the base of the seat was reinforced with fibreglass tape but this was coming away as the vinyl seemed to be attached, so this will have to be repaired before I can send the whole lot away to be recovered.
Fitting it all back should be interesting, hopefully I can use industrial grade Velcro! Not sure yet regarding the silicone blobs, I will have to have a think when i have the returned cushions.
Hope this is useful and will be happy to receive comments.
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