Shaft diameter and Props

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Shaft diameter and Props

Post by Oceanis430 » Sun May 31, 2015 8:33 pm

Hello in this forum.

I have bought an old Powles Super 38, who have been submerged.

I am know i progress of repowering the boat with 2 Volvo Penta TAMD63P-P, and in the line of that job run to some questions.

I have consolted the one and only Prop and shaft specialist in Denmark, but sad to say he couldnt help me a lot. And his answer where to try and gather all the information i can outside Denmark.

I have bought a complete driveline fra Kuwait. It is a pair of TAMD63p-a, running Twin Disk 505 with reduction 1:50-1 on aprox 38 mm shafts og 4 blades 20 inch propeller ( sorry i do not have the pitch on the propeller )

When i look at the output the 63p-a, they have 370 HP at 2800 rpm, and my fear goes to the 38 mm shaft. Is it strong enough ( i do not know if the shafts are made of Temest 25 or a Aquamet of some kind )

38/39 x 1800 mm shaft costed in Denmark 1200£ each and another 1250£ for each 19" 5 bladed prop ( the specialist here in DK claim that it has to be 5 bladed props becouse the 4 plades props can not transfer all the power from the engines )

That although a have seen a lot of Fairline 38 og Princess 38-40 with the same engine configuration.

I am just a commonly employed with ordinary pay, and i need all the help that i can get.

Ones again - sorry for my poor english

Best Regards

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Re: Shaft diameter and Props

Post by Linne » Wed Nov 04, 2015 8:43 pm

You will need 45-50mm shafts, and for the rest I need to know engine rpm at 370hp and boat water line lenght, and the total weight of the boat.

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