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Re: Fairline Turbo 36 restoration

Postby TurboRoss » Thu Mar 01, 2018 2:58 pm

Thanks Gary

I can empathise with you , these boats definitely keep you busy ! 1000 mile trip wow what a journey - what was the crossing like?

been flat out with boat i've hardly had much time to post any recent pictures but to date i've done the following:- ...and yes pictures uploading ! :D :lol: :lol: :lol:

1) rudder stocks refitted with new seals (old ones were seeping)
2) sea-cocks replaced , (just as well because there were holes in the threads )
3) Exhaust piece replaced (the bit that goes between bulkheads) This was almost completely shot and water was leaking into the bilges when the engine running
4) The new galley electrics have been prepped and ready to go
5) All my roof panels in aft cabin , ive started replacing the material with oyster suede
6) Aft deck railings have been removed, (there are no washers under the deck so the bolts are tight to the fibreglass - bad design there ) So, we've made up stainless steel square ones , re-bonded from the top and bottom with SikaFlex marine grade , then tighten up really tight before being covered in CT1 silicone on the bottom. I have a picture of this to illustrate. Then we've finished off just making the silicone tidy around the deck fittings. Its well water tight now. !!
7) shower controls all replaced with new units

What my next job is ....

Strip bathrooms and replace with a new product that is plastic . White rock its called, or similar whichever is easier. All the shower controls have been replaced .
*** NEW GALLEY gets fitted in two weeks ..... watch this space

Thats it for now and i look forward to getting some fresh pictures up for you

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Re: Fairline Turbo 36 restoration

Postby gsodriscoll » Fri Mar 02, 2018 7:26 pm

Hello again Ross,

Yes the delivery journey was from Gosport to Shetland via the Caledonian Canal. The weather was not the best and the boat did better that the two crew! Needless to say, it's been home a year now and the restoration is still well undeway! At the moment, I'm still fixing the broken stuff, not even moved onto the "nice to do" jobs list yet apart from replacing all the electronics with Raymarine gear.

I see you mention the rudder seals. As it happens, I have one rudder dropped just now for the very same thing. The stb'd one was leaking which turned out to be beacuse the split carried ring, which is threaded on to the stock, had slackened off and the rudder dropped about 5mm. What I did notice is that the stock runs inside two teflon bushes, top and bottom in the rudder tube. The seals I came across were only O-Rings, is this the same as you have?

One of my next tasks will be to re-headline the interior, all needing doing, a task I am not looking forward to. Unfortunately with all the inside work going on, the outside has become neglected but I'm hoping for some good weather sometime in the next while to wash and polish again.
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Re: Fairline Turbo 36 restoration

Postby Skipper Gorm » Sun Mar 04, 2018 8:08 am

I appreciate this thread. Well documented, and giving inspiration to us that are still wondering «how and when» . Looking foreward to every update.
Skipper Gorm
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Boat: Fairline 36 Turbo

Re: Fairline Turbo 36 restoration

Postby TurboRoss » Mon Mar 12, 2018 9:20 pm

Good day to all

Update on the boat restoration and i appreciate all the replies ...

So whats been going on here , well quite a bit actually . Aft deck handrails have been removed and replaced, bonded in , the galley is underway at present ...see pictures - just about to be fitted THIS WEEK !!!

Electrics wise we now have fully functional lit galley steps , flybridge steps , and rear bathing platform lights Also just fitted a new glomex TV aerial. The whole boat has been fully rewired , cost on that over £5k i know its high but theres a lot of wires and the hours it has taken has nearly wiped me out in time , but i want the boat right. Everything works a treat, with a couple of extra fancy bits here and there . :lol:

New oven, hob, sink, taps , fridge going in Saturday once the units are in.

On the pictures you will see that we are almost ready to re-fit. Ive had to order some new white head lining material to sort out that old saggy one in the pictures . :?

Ill post a good few pictures of the new galley on Friday - watch this space and transformation ...!

Then after that i'll be moving on to forward cabin, saloon and aft cabin ... got quite big plans for those areas

Thanks again for reading - be in touch

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Re: Fairline Turbo 36 restoration

Postby Murv » Tue Mar 13, 2018 5:55 am

Sounds fantastic, very much looking forward to seeing the pictures!

i'd also be interested to see your additional lighting if you get chance? I've fitted flybridge step lights, and am very happy with them but really wanted to extend them into the flybridge but couldn't find any way to access the inside of the starboard side.

I was also thinking off adding a couple of small lights under the bathing platform, I assume you drilled through into the interior under the platform to run the wires though?

I bet you're looking forward to reconstruction now! My boat looks as if a bomb's hit it inside, been tackling the leak on the port fuel tank, very much hoping to get it all back together this weekend.

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